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Garden of the Day

July 18, 2011


I was so excited to get an email from a former client letting me know that her garden was featured on a local DC blog as the “Garden of the Day”. It’s looking so lovely and doing its job screening the porch from a very busy street and bringing lots of pollinators into an urban setting. Thanks TMS for taking such good care of it! And thank to Prince of Petworth for featuring it!

And here’s an image of my favorite Geranium- “Rozanne”. She’s lovely, hardy, and blooms all summer long. The Daisies are looking great on the left and the bloom time will be extended by Caryopteris (center-right) in September and October. Amsonia (far right) is one of my very favorite plants- delightful blue flowers in the early Spring and a golden cloud of Fall color.The sculptural multi-stemmed Amelachier provides delicate early Spring flowers and (if you can get them before the birds do) delicious blueberry-like fruits. The Fall color is a glorious flame red.


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