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April? May? Spring has come early!

April 9, 2012


Crape Myrtle Leaves

My crape myrtle is already leafing out!

Welcome to Spring!

It’s April 9th, but by the state of my garden you’d think it was…well…you might not know what time of year it was. For the last week I’ve had leaves on my crape myrtle, buds on my peonies, and flowers on my “Knockout” roses. It’s as if everything decided to just fast-forward to mid-May.  My gardenia suffered barely a chill and my neighbor’s petunias have sprouted back.

It’s taking all of my self-control to not go out and buy all of my summer annuals and vegetables now. I’m gritting my teeth, but I will wait till May like a good gardener to plant my tomatoes and peppers.


Kale- my favorite cool season green

I can plant a few things now, in fact, I’m late for my cool season greens–the arugula, kale and chard seeds are ready to be planted this weekend. And I spent an hour the other day redesigning my front yard, since April is a great time to move perennials and divide them if necessary.


Early buds on my peonies- can’t wait to post pics of these in bloom- they’re gorgeous!

I always tell my clients that a garden is a work in progress. Even if you’re not a plant nerd like me, the garden will always be developing- even for the simple fact that plants get bigger and outgrow their spaces. In the case of my front yard, my baby crape myrtle is now an adolescent and is shading out some of the sun perennials I planted when the tree first went in. The Coreopsis “Moonbeam”, Pennisetum (Fountain Grass) and Platycodon (Balloon Flower) will be happier in the garden out back, and I’m excited about the new shadier plants I can introduce to the garden.

Springtime can be such a great opportunity for refreshing your space! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your garden.


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