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Wandering Around DC

May 9, 2012


I have lived in Washington, DC since 1999 and I am still discovering wonderful things. Washington is a physically small city, but it packs a punch in creativity and culture. I always have a great time walking around the beautiful parts of town—not just the Mall and Georgetown (which are lovely of course) but lesser-known areas like my neighborhood (Bloomingdale), Capitol Hill, Adams Morgan and the city’s incredible jewel of a green space, Rock Creek Park.

I have been making an effort to carry my little camera around with me (another thing to add to my overflowing bag!) and I have some interesting photos to share. Enjoy!

These were taken about six weeks ago in Rock Creek Park–Dutchman’s Britches, Celandine Poppy and Virginia Bluebells growing wild in the woods. These “spring ephemerals” don’t flower for long but they are wonderful signs of spring.

On a different note–wild garden vs. cultivated, spontaneous vs. planned–is one of my favorite “surprise gardens” in DC. It’s a little triangle park in Adams Morgan that is always a riot of color and texture. I’ll have to go back in a few weeks to catch the zillions of daylilies!

Across town in Capitol Hill I discovered this charming little vertical garden—wonderfully creative! Work with the space you have! The vine is Wisteria, which grows so fast you can practically see it growing. Unless you are prepared to watch this vine like a hawk, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you grow it on the side of your house. But if you’re watchful and in possession of a sharp pair of pruners, this is a really cute idea.

One of the greatest things about DC is that the roses bloom twice a year! These are from a neighbor’s house in Bloomingdale.

Happy spring folks!


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