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The Busiest Months

June 24, 2012


After twelve years in this business I pretty much know the way the year will flow—quiet in January as folks wind down from the holidays and their gardens sleep, a flash of activity as the days start to get warmer and spring fever sets in, and finally an all-out sprint from March till July when gardens are designed, installed, photographed and (hopefully) enjoyed. August is hot and sleepy and most people seem to head to the beach. Once Labor Day is over and we can’t pretend its summer anymore things ramp back up through the end of the year.

May and June always seem to be the most intense of the busy months and this year has been no exception. I have been racing around the area measuring and planning and I wanted to share a couple of new drawings with you. When the projects are finished and installed I’ll share “after” photos.

Capitol Hill Garden Renovation

A “before” shot of the existing deck and steps.

“Before” Shot of the existing patio and deck–in need of a new look…

A tiny space in Capitol Hill gets a total renovation in the back yard with a new flagstone patio, raised seat wall, and storage under the existing deck. I also proposed an eyebrow arbor and trellis design to screen the deck from the neighboring alley and buildings. The front yard gets cleaned up with a new planting plan and fence. The new space will be versatile and kid-friendly—perfect for a busy family!

Sketch and digital rendering showing the new patio, seat wall, and screening structure.

Mt. Pleasant Residence

My clients just finished an extensive renovation (very nice work by Four Brothers, LLC– of their spacious Mt. Pleasant residence and have moved on to their back yard. The existing back yard hadn’t been touched in years and a series of changes in elevation broke up the space into nearly unusable chunks.

The existing patio has multiple levels, creating a “chopped up” space.

This vibrant young family wanted an open space for entertaining and playing with their young daughter. My design extends the stoop from the doorway and puts everything on a diagonal to take advantage of the longer views. A seat wall accommodates the grade changes while saving the existing specimen Japanese Maple on the site. The old patio measured only 9’x17’, with the majority of the space used as transition space. My new design creates two patios, a smaller 10’x16’ patio for morning coffee, and a larger 14’x22’ patio for entertaining. I have also incorporated a small area for storage under the deck and a focal point off the steps for a beautiful piece of art or water feature. Can’t wait to see this one installed!

The new layout creates more defined spaces, allowing for flexibility in entertaining.

C’mon Summer—let’s see what you’ve got!


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