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Georgetown garden front entry--after

*New Projects!* Georgetown Residence

Georgetown garden detail

Beautiful variety of textures and colors year ’round

A former client moved from one Georgetown townhouse to another and wanted a different feel for this garden. She wanted to create a “secret garden” full of texture and whimsy. An existing stacked stone wall covered in volunteer Campanula provided inspiration for a colorful, wild garden that focuses on succession of color throughout the growing season and even into the fall and winter.

The garden was a tangle of unkempt perennials and boxwoods when I first arrived. We found old brick walls and even the remains of a swimming pool under all that vegetation. A good trim was definitely in order!

Georgetown garden before

A tangle of boxwoods and unkempt perennials made the existing patio feel too small

The living areas of the yard were expressly designed to take in views of the riot of color in the garden. Variety in the texture of hardscapes echoes the variation in plant textures, and provides a setting for the client’s collection of container plantings and unique garden ornaments.

Georgetown garden after

Precise paving and unique details contrast with the exuberant plantings, creating a vibrant outdoor space

*installation by McHale Landscape Design, Inc.

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