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Capitol Hill Residence--after

*New Projects!* Capitol Hill Garden

A tiny rowhouse back yard is transformed from a muddy, unusable storage space to a clean, organized and above all, flexible space for intimate and larger scale entertaining.

Capitol Hill residence before

A muddy, unwelcoming space

Some of you may recall this project from last year–I am re-posting it because some of the plants have grown in and I’m pleased with the way it has turned out in just one year.

The rustic paving solution for the back yard is both lovely and practical. The planted joints between large slabs of Pennsylvania Flagstone provide much needed water infiltration space, keeping the patio dry and eliminating areas of standing water in the back yard.

Capitol Hill residence--after

The space is opened up and made more welcoming

The back porch is given a more usable landing and better flow out to the main entertaining areas of the yard.

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