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Dry creekbed

*New Projects!* Bethesda Residence

A newly constructed house in Bethesda was in dire need of screening at the property line.

Back yard--before

My client’s back yard would be on display from the neighbor’s large new house

The client wanted a dense privacy screen to act as a buffer from close neighbors, but wanted variation in the plant palette for interest throughout the seasons. A variety of evergreen and deciduous plantings add color and privacy to the back yard.

Dry creekbed

Smooth river stones and rustic fieldstone steppers combine for a lovely path and drainage solution

Drainage was also an issue in the space–a beautifully constructed “dry creekbed” channels water to underground dry wells where it can infiltrate into the surrounding soil. The dry creekebed is dressed up with native Pennsylvania fieldstone boulders and Delaware Valley river gravel that complement the tones of the existing house.

Bethesda residence--after

No longer on display, the back yard is once again a private refuge

The neighbor’s large house is completely hidden behind a lush, textural screen.

*installed by John Shorb Landscaping

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