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May 14, 2013


I do not grow roses. Even though for some a rose is what makes a garden, I have resisted their charms because roses are a bit tricky to grow here in the Mid-Atlantic (too hot, too humid, too much clay in the soil). I don’t have a lot of time, and honestly, my garden needs to be pretty self-sufficient. Well, ok, I have two roses, both Knockout-type roses (I know, I know, they’re so overdone! But I like mine–one is yellow and one is pink and they do very well, flower for a long time, and I didn’t plant 50 of them. The yellow one  is my favorite– it has a nice fragrance and the closed-up buds next to the opened-up buds look to me like larger and smaller stars).

Luckily for me, lots of people spend the time to grow old fashioned roses and do it well. For the right garden and the right gardener, roses like the ones below can be very rewarding. They don’t bloom for long, but they are glorious while they do and their fragrances are intoxicating.

I am very grateful to the rose growers in my neighborhood because I get to take photos of their hard work!

Roses 2

Roses 4

Roses 6

Roses 7

Happy Rose Season in DC!


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