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April Showers

March 31, 2014


It’s been a long winter in the District of Columbia. Snow storm after snow storm has kept kids home from school and gardens sleeping. This time last year Washington’s famous Cherry Blossom Festival went ahead—after the blossoms had already bloomed. This year’s festival has started, but the long winter means the blossoms are going to be late to the party.

The long winter has kept Molly Scott Exteriors from starting work for some of our clients. “Polar Vortex” temperatures and multiple snowstorms have slowed installation work to a crawl. At this time last year, we had already started work on several jobs. Thankfully our clients have been very patient this year.

But a long winter can be good for our gardens—plants benefit from a long “sleep.” The seemingly endless snows brought much needed moisture to the soil and replenished the groundwater that helps our plants flourish in the typical hot, dry Mid-Atlantic summers. In the early spring, plants do most of their growing below ground, establishing strong, healthy root systems and storing energy for above ground growing later in the summer. These soaking April showers may keep us inside now, but they are just what our gardens need—even if we’d rather be out playing in the dirt.


Raindrops on Deodar Cedar

Raindrops on Deodar Cedar


Daffodils in the spring

Pussy Willow buds covered in a mid-March sleet

Pussy Willow buds covered in a mid-March sleet


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